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"Beauty and Pain"

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I wrote this song after rediscovering an old photograph I took of Michèle on a granite mountain in the desert along the Orange River in South Africa. I took the picture during a romantic journey of discovery we undertook in my old VW Combi shortly after we started our life journey together. It was the beginning of a long, beautiful and sometimes painful relationship, which continues to this day. I think the beauty is evident from the image. The pain is, of course, another story. It took me nine months and about 200 takes to try to tame this song. It may sound simple, but it's a tough one on my voice, as it works from my lowest to my highest registers. This damn song has caused me a lot of pain and anxiety! So, I hope you will enjoy it and let me know what you think of it. Thanks for listening and sharing!

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You can listen to BEAUTY AND PAIN on most music platforms, so just search for "Babún" or '@babunmusic' on your favourite platform. Hope you like it and share it if you do.

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I wrote this song and also did the guitar and vocals. Thanks to my son, Alex (, who is also a talented artist and musician, for the smooth mixing and mastering. Special thanks also to Michael Lampe of, in Aruba, for his early input.