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My life in song...

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Reflections on Beauty and Pain

Life is all about beauty and pain. Pain is that which we try to avoid at all costs. Beauty is the quality we are in constant pursuit of. Beauty is the essence of all we hope and long for: in art, in nature, in a face, in an image, an action and in music. Pain is hell. Beauty is heaven. Beauty and pain are like yin and yang, day and night: without one, the other makes no sense. But the moment we give up on beauty is the moment we step into hell. So, let us sing along with the angels. Let us sing about beauty, but let us also acknowledge its counterpart, pain. These are just a few songs about beauty and pain that I would like to share with you.

Song Links

Here are some links to my songs on a few platforms (it's on many others too, so please look up "Babún" on your favourite platform). Thanks for listening! And kindly follow and share if you like the music.

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